Lathe Machine based sources of energy motor

lathe2The lathe is a top priority in the production process of the manufacturing industry. There is a manual way of operation and some are already using the program. The main key to the quality of existing lathe motor energy source. To drive the motor is required program stored in the microprocessor. Based on the type of energy source driving the bike, the engine divided into several types, namely:

  • Machine Tool Universal, has a function to process the production of all kinds of materials
  • Special Lathe Machine, usually used for the production of metal materials such as stainless steel
  • Conventional Lathe Machines, using manual data input operation is based on the machine panel
  • Lathe with Computer (CNC), the system works already using the program stored in the microprocessor.


The process that occurs on a lathe is generally divided into several areas:

  • turning to process raw materials into material with a design that has been inputted into the computer program
  • Drilling, to make a hole in accordance with the requirements
  • Work on the edge, is a vital process that must be precise to avoid excess material so that the potential defect
  • Screw process to make a groove in the material production
  • Turning taper process by moving straight and transverse position in accordance with production design by placing the clamp chisel tool.
  • Drilling to make a straight furrow, bent or tiered.
  • Broadening the hole so that the material to be connected with the material to be more precise turner.

To get the maximum results to note the type of drill bit and chisel blade to be used. Some common types of blades used for turning the material is:

  • screw chisel,
  • triangles,
  • rectangular,
  • trapezoid,
  • Round and other special types.