Select the Lathe Machine for Industry by Type of Work

latheThe lathe has the main function to form the work piece according to the needs. This type of machine is used in the metal industry, wood etc. There are many kinds of lathe on the market with a variety of types and brands ranging from automatic or manual. The use of automatic machines most widely used such as the type of CNC. But in general is based on the type of job and industry headwind, lathe consist of into four, namely:

  • Machine Tool Light
  • Machine Tool Medium
  • Machine Tool Standard
  • Machine Tool Weight

Light lathe has a length of only 1200mm. Type lathe is most suitable for domestic industry with a small production capacity of less than 24 materials so that in production in one day.

Lathe being has a width of 200mm and 100mm long and are usually the most widely used in the workshop for the production of metal and wood. This type has a capacity of about 30 ingredients so every day. Require electrical power capacity and 1000 watts for each machine only need of production operators 1 person only.

Standard lathe machine already has some equipment to facilitate the turning process, including working lights, refrigeration valves, safety brakes and engine reservoirs processed. Secure brake functions only in emergency conditions, for example, there is a defect in the production

Heavy lathe machine is widely used in automatic machines in big industry. Type lathes most commonly used is the long bare lathes and lathe floor. Can reach 5-7 meters in length and thus require large production space. Because it uses an automated system, to move this machine can be supplied with power hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric. To run this machine must also be carried out by experts. Hydraulic works on water pressure, air pressure and pneumatic based electrically by an electric current supplied to the engine.