Milling machinery Noodles

fr-steaming9Noodles is quite popular in various countries with different names but the material remains the same. What distinguishes noodles of various countries is the spice and flavor. The basic ingredients are generally made noodles made of three materials namely:

  • wheat
  • water
  • Eggs
  • Salt

After you prepare the material for making noodles, the next step is to prepare machine milled to process materials into noodle noodles are ready to be served. Price milling machine noodle maker ranged from $ 400- $ 600. Several types of milling machines noodles are widely used for domestic industry as follows:

  • Milling Tool Mie Type MDN-200
  • Milling Tool Mie Type MJ-300 (full steel)
  • Milling Tool Mie Type NOD-300

Before you buy a milling machine noodles, you should check the specifications of the machine that you buy which include:

  • Capacity
  • Electricity
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Prices

Noodle-making process begins with noodles mixed with material in the machine. Then the machine will produce the noodles into a sheet material (3mm thick). The dough is then printed in the form of noodle rolls. The last stage is drying up with material prepared noodles served.

Some things to consider when milling machine noodle production process as follows:

  • The machine must be in a state of calibration standards of competent institutions
  • A mixture of noodles adjust to the needs and capacity of the milling machine noodle
  • Select the noodles are good quality material

Adjust the production room space, power systems and the budget you have created. Good luck.