Tips on choosing and using pepper and wet spice Milling Machine properly

pneumChilies And Spices Wet is the main ingredient for making food served in a restaurant. If the restaurant massive scales for example often serve banquets for inter-city bus or tourism. The wet and chili seasoning processing cannot be done manually because the manual process will take some time and a lot of labor. When these conditions you need a chili and spice milling machine automatically.

There are two kinds of chili and spice milling machines are often used in accordance with the capacity production namely:

  • Milling machine capacity of 30-50 kg
  • Milling machine Capacity 75-100 kg

Some of the factors you should consider when choosing a milling machine to cultivate herbs and chili are as follows:

  • Type the appropriate machine production capacity
  • The capacity of the production machine every hour of his
  • Electric power consumption, the smaller the cost-effective but also note its production capacity
  • Dimensions or size of the machine to provide space production space


Two most important components of this milling machine is grinding stones. This stone used for grind spices and chilies. Then they proceed automatically on milling engines. It is better to avoid excessive water use during the process of milling in the milling machine is that it reduces the taste of herbs and chilies that are in though.

Automatic milling machine ideally have the capacity 20-30 kg / h. The engine type is relatively cost-effective requires only 750 watts of electrical power consumption. If you need a production capacity of 75 -100 kg / h, then you need to replace your milling machine with 1,500 watts of electric power engines.